View W2s, Check History, or Leave Balance

Request Leave

  • From the www.alden-hebron.org website, click Staff Resources, Links for Faculties and Staff.
  • Click SUI Web Link (Leave Requests / Check History / W2s)
  • Login with your SUI username and password. The initial password is the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.
  • Once signed in, you can go to Settings/Change password to change your password

To view your remaining Leave Balance, Check History or W2s

  • Click Employee Information, and then the appropriate link.

When viewing your Leave Balance

  • 12 month employees should see the Current Fiscal Year by default.
  • Teachers – your yearly start date is 8/15 so if you’re looking before that date for the upcoming/new fiscal year you need to click the ‘Leave Years to Display” Drop Down box and select “All Years”. This should then show your balance for the upcoming Fiscal Year.

To request time-off, perform the following steps

  • Click Employee Information and click Leave Request Entry.
  • Click the Magnifying Glass next to Leave ID, select the type of leave you are requesting, and click the check mark.
  • Leave Unit of Tracking blank.
  • Enter the Start and End Date(s) for your leave.
  • Either click the All Day checkbox or enter times if this is only for a partial day.
  • Enter the number of leave units to use. For example, just enter 1 to indicate you are taking 1 day of sick time or a personal day.
  • The Leave Balances section give a snapshot of what you have used/what you have remaining.
  • The Approvals section will always show Michele Alfonso as she needs this information for accounting. It will also show the person who will receive this request for approval or denial. (For approvers: there is a separate document for those that need to APPROVE Leave Requests).
  • Click Submit Current Leave Request.

You may then enter other Leave Requests, click Employee Information to view other parts of the site, or use the Logout button to exit.


  • Click Employee Information and click Leave Request Inquiry
  • Click View next to the request you want to cancel
  • Click the Recall button
  • Confirm