Monday 3-16-2020


StudySync "Mother to Son" annotation and Think Questions

Junior Scholastic: Cartoon Focus slip (classroom), read "Dying Off" article, do Flipgrid exit slip


Ch 22 "Quiz" on Classroom, Padlet response (see agenda)


DESMOS “Shifting Shapes” activity and complete pages 195 and 196 in the Practice and Problem Solving book.


Complete Newton’s First Law packet pages 1-4 (Lesson outline, Content Vocabulary and Content Practice A). Also complete 1 additional trophy at EverFi for Blackhawks Science.

Tuesday 3-17-2020

8th Grade ELA and Soc. Stud.: PLEASE check Classroom for agenda, updated expectations and detailed instructions! Email Mrs. Kolnik with questions OR go to Google Meet: 9:00 kolnikela 12:00 kolnikss

ELA: StudySync: Mother to Son: Tone and Close Read

Junior Scholastic: Know the News quiz (on Classroom)

Flipgrid" respond to 3 classmates from yesterday's topic

S.S.: Read to be informed: Newsela or New York TImes (links on Classroom)-add to Padlet discussion

Math - BreakoutEDU “Water Park”

Science - BreakoutEDU “Chemical Reaction Man”

*I will post registration directions on Google Classroom and meet you on Google Meets to give you directions on how to register at BreakoutEDU. Good Luck Breaking Out!!

Wednesday 33-18-2020

Math - iReady Lesson “Properties of Translations and Reflections”

Science - Gizmo “Fan Cart Physics”. Check Google Classroom for details

Wednesday 3-18-2020

8th grade

Soc.Stud.: You have 2 assignments listed on Classroom. Choose 1 to complete today, 1 for tomorrow: WWI essential questions; NY Times article Close Read

ELA: Study Sync " Ode to Thanks"

Read and do Think ? (No annotations)

Junior Scholastic:

Read “These Girls Broke Barriers” Complete “Know the News” qz on Classroom

Thursday 3-19-2020

Soc. Stud: Complete the assignment you chose not to do yesterday: WWI essential questions; NY Times article Close Read

ELA: Skill: Poetic Structure, Close Read

Junior Scholastic: Read "Should Teens be Paid Less" and prepare for debate on Fri!

Math - iReady Lesson “Properties of Rotations”

Science - Gizmo “Weight and Mass”. Check Google Classroom for details

Friday 3-20-2020

ELA: StudySync Blast: A Moral Compass-be sure to write one paragraph (240 characters)

Junior Scholastic" Teen Jobs: debate at 9:00 on Meet OR on Flipgrid by 9:00 pm

Junior Scholastic: Quiz Wizard assign. on Classroom

Soc.Stud: Newsela Article Summary OR Slideshow: see instructions on Classroom!

Math - Desmos Activity “Dilation Mini-Golf”

Science - Gizmo “Phase Changes”. Be sure to answer all 5 questions at the end of the activity. 

Monday 3-30-2020

Math - Pulse Survey on google classroom

Sign in to IXL and complete the diagnostic

Science - Complete Newton’s First Law packet

Sign in to Connected (science textbook) to be sure you can access the website


  1. Newsela: Pick one of the assigned articles/ complete Flipgrid response paragraph (see instructions on classroom)
  2. I-ready: Complete any assigned growth check/diagnostic assess. Begin working on weekly goal of 45 min. and lesson passed.

Soc. Stud:

A. WWI Essential ? assignment on Classroom (see March 18-19 assign. if not yet completed)

B. WWI reading: Choose a material from MyON (on school website, Clever) to read. Complete a response on Padlet-see link and list of materials on Classroom.