Thursday 05-14-2020

Math – Finish Dream Vacation Project

Science - Gizmo: Refraction

**Complete the Predictions and Music form that was emailed to you**

**Send your pictures for the virtual promotion video by the end of the day today**

Wednesday 05-13-2020

Math – Continue working on Dream Vacation Project

Science - Gizmo: Laser Reflection

Tuesday 05-12-2020

Math – Continue working on Dream Vacation Project

Science - Gizmo: Basic Prism

Monday 05-11-2020

Math - Dream Vacation Project (details in the google classroom)

Science - Gizmo: Wheel and Axel

Thursday 05-07-2020

Math - IXL R.4 (Pythagorean Theorem: word problems)

Science - Gizmo: Roller Coaster Physics

Wednesday 05-06-2020

Math - Pythagorean Theorem R.3 (Pythagorean Theorem: Find the perimeter)

Science - Gizmo: Pulley Lab

Tuesday 05-05-2020

Math - IXL R.2 (Pythagorean Theorem: Find the missing leg length)

Science - Read pages 105-110 and complete google form of questions

Monday 05-04-2020

Math – Watch BOTH Pythagorean Theorem Videos and do IXL R.1 (Pythagorean Theorem: Find the Length of the Hypotenuse)

Science – Complete the Gizmo: Energy Conversions

Thursday 04-30-2020

Math - Geometry Scavenger Hunt (due Monday)

Science - Gizmo: Energy Conversion in a System

Wednesday 04-29-2020

Math – Continue working on Geometry Scavenger Hunt. Due Monday, May 4

Science - Read pages 97-101 and complete google form of questions

Tuesday 04-28-2020

Math – Continue working on the Geometry Scavenger Hunt

Science - Gizmo: Ants on a Slant. Directions and worksheets are in Google Classroom

Monday 04-27-2020

Math - Geometry Scavenger Hunt. Directions are posted in the google classroom. Due Monday, May 4.

Science - Read 87-93 and complete google form of questions.

Thursday 04-23-2020

Math - Angle Relationship Pulse Check (google form linked in the google classroom)

Science - Finish video and post to the google classroom

Wednesday 04-22-2020

Math - Correct pages 221 & 222, IXL O.16 (Transversals of parallel lines: name angle pairs), O.17 (Transversals of parallel lines: find angle measures)

Science - 2 day assignment: create a video demonstrating each of Newton’s 3 laws of motion. Directions are posted in the Google Classroom.

Tuesday 04-21-2020

Math - Correct pages 219 and 220, Do P & PS Pages 221 & 222, O.15 (Identify Alternate Interior and Alternate Exterior Angles)

Science - Newton’s 3rd Law questions in google forms

Monday 04-20-2020

Math - Practice & Problem Solving pages 219-220, IXL O.13 (Identify complementary, supplementary, vertical, adjacent and congruent angles) , O.14 (Find measures of complementary, supplementary, vertical and adjacent angles)

Science - Newton’s 3rd Law questions, enter answers in the google form posted on the google classroom.

 Thursday 04-16-2020

Math - Correct Instructional Pages 180-183 (answer key is posted in google classroom), Angle relationships video on EdPuzzle

Science - Read pages 70-74 and complete Newton’s 3rd Law outline (outline is posted in google classroom) submit a picture of your work when completed

Wednesday 04-15-2020

Math - Transformation Golf on DESMOS (code: A63WRJ) there is also a link in the google classroom

Science - Watch the Crash Course video on Newton’s Laws and complete the notes page. Links for the video and notes page are in the Google Classroom.

Tuesday 04-14-2020

Math - Do Instructions pages 180-183 in small groups (2-4 people)

IXL P.12 (Rotations: graph the image),

Science - Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion Pulse check

Thursday 04-09-2020

Math -Do Practice and Problem Solving Pages 205-206

IXL P.10 (Reflections: graph the image), P.11 (Reflections: find the coordinates)

**Online Quiz over transformations next Wednesday**

Science - Use pages 61-67 to complete the Key Concept Builder worksheets (enter answers in the forms)

Wednesday 04-08-2020

Math - Watch video of Instructional pages 176-177

Do Practice and Problem Solving Pages 203-204

IXL P.8 (Reflections over the x- and y- axes: graph the image), P.9 (Reflections over the x- and y- axes: find the coordinates)

Science - Use pages 61-67 to complete the Practice worksheets posted in the google classroom (enter answers in the google forms, link is in the google classroom)

Tuesday 04-07-2020

Math - Watch video of Instructional pages 174-175

Do Practice and Problem Solving Pages 201-202

IXL P.6 (Translations: graph the image), P.7 (Translations: find the coordinates)

Science - Read pages 61-67 and complete the lesson outline (google forms, the link is in the google classroom).

Monday 04-06-2020

Math - Watch video correcting pages 195 & 196 (in EdPuzzle with a link in the google classroom) AND

IXL: P.4 (Identify reflections, rotations, and translations), P.5 (Describe a sequence of transformations)

Science - Correct Gizmo questions and Newton’s First Law packet (answer keys are posted in the google classroom).

Please check-in with Mrs. Salazar at one of these times: 10-11 or 1:30-2:00 on google meets.

Monday 3-16-2020

MATH: DESMOS “Shifting Shapes” activity and complete pages 195 and 196 in the Practice and Problem Solving book.

SCIENCE: Complete Newton’s First Law packet pages 1-4 (Lesson outline, Content Vocabulary and Content Practice A). Also complete 1 additional trophy at EverFi for Blackhawks Science.

ENRICHMENT: Log in to Google Classroom and select your dream vacation destination and who will be joining you on your dream vacation.

Tuesday 3-17-2020

Math - BreakoutEDU “Water Park”

Science - BreakoutEDU “Chemical Reaction Man”

*I will post registration directions on Google Classroom and meet you on Google Meets to give you directions on how to register at BreakoutEDU. Good Luck Breaking Out!!

Wednesday 3-18-2020

Math - iReady Lesson “Properties of Translations and Reflections”

Science - Gizmo “Fan Cart Physics”. Check Google Classroom for details

Thursday 3-19-2020

Math - iReady Lesson “Properties of Rotations”

Science - Gizmo “Weight and Mass”. Check Google Classroom for details

Friday 3-20-20

Math - Desmos Activity “Dilation Mini-Golf”

Science - Gizmo “Phase Changes”. Be sure to answer all 5 questions at the end of the activity. 

Monday 3-30-2020

Math - Pulse Survey on google classroom

Sign in to IXL and complete the diagnostic

Science - Complete Newton’s First Law packet

Sign in to Connected (science textbook) to be sure you can access the website

Tuesday 3-31-2020

Math - IXL C.3, C.5, C.7

Science - Using what you know about Newton’s First Law of Motion, find or create an example of this law, take a picture and email it to me with a brief explanation of how it is an example of Newton’s First Law of Motion.

Wednesday 4-01-2020

Math - IXL W.12 (Solve Equations: Mixed Review), W.14 (Solve Equations: Word Problems)

Science - Watch The NBC Learn video on the science of Golf (edPuzzle video posted in the math classroom). Write one sentence that summarizes Newton’s Second Law of Motion.

Thursday 4-02-2020

Math - IXL Y.1 (Find the slope of a graph), Y.4 (Find the slope of a linear equation), Y.5 (Graph a line using slope)

Science - GIZMO: Element Builder and Student Exploration Page

Friday 4-03-2020

Math - IXL Y.6 (Graph a line from an equation in slope-intercept form), Y.8 (Write a linear equation from a graph), Y.11 (Convert a linear equation in standard form to slope-intercept form)

Science - WIN (What I Need) Day. Please complete the activities from this week and email Mrs. Salazar when you have completed them.

Update: Daily new assignments will be posted on the top of page.