Tuesday 05-19-2020


Complete any unfinished work.

If you are caught up with all your work, there is an optional review assignment posted on Classroom.

You can also work on i-ready.

You can work on i-ready throughout the summer to keep your brain thinking math!


Complete any unfinished work.

If you are caught up with all your work, there is an optional review Quizziz posted on Classroom.

Monday 05-18-2020


Rational Number Multiplication Review-#1-9

Do #'s 1-9.

The pdf file posted on Google Classroom has rational number multiplication problems for you to view or print. Use scratch paper to find your answer to each problem. Then find your answer at the bottom of the Google Doc Answer Form. Copy and Paste it from the bottom of the google doc to the problem number it answers.

Your answers have to stay in the form that is on the google doc (fraction or decimal).


Do the Quizziz Quiz on Review of Cell Structure and Function.

You may use your books or other resources to help you find the correct answer. You may redo it as many times as you like and I will take your best score.

Thursday 05-14-2020

Math Today's assignment is continuing with experimental probability.

1. Watch the video on Khan Academy if you need some help. He goes over what experimental probability is and how to calculate it.

2. Do the experimental probability practice assignment on Khan Academy. There are 7 questions. Your assignment is to get at least 5 in a row correct. (about 71%)

NOTE: From our work so far, we've set probability up as a fraction. Maybe it was 3/4 (3 red marbles out of a total of 4 marbles)

We can take 3/4 and write it as a decimal (.75) or a percent (75%)

In this assignment you will express your experimental probabilities as fractions, decimals, or percents. Start with the fraction and then find the decimal or percent from there! (Good Review, huh?!!)


The Weather Lab Station Activity is due at the end of today, so finish up what stations you have left!

Wednesday 05-13-2020


Let's start calculating Experimental Probability

Experimental Probability is Probability that's based on data I've collected on doing whatever it is I'm looking at (flipping a coin, spinning a spinner, rolling a die, etc!)

1. Watch the Video on Instruction Book, pages 298-299

2. Watch the Video on the Example in PPS book, pages 325-326

3. Do PPS book, pages 325-326

Take a picture of your pages, so I can see the answers and email it to me or upload it into your assignment on Classroom.


Continue Weather Lab Station Activity.

You should be finishing it up, it is due tomorrow! 5/14

Tuesday 05-12-2020

Math *Today, you will apply what you learned in the I-ready lesson you did yesterday.

If you didn't do the i-ready lesson, then do that first. (It counts towards your 45 minutes and 1 lesson for the week!)

Watch the 2 videos I created.

1. First, watch the short one where I go over the Probability Scale in your Instruction Book on page 291.

2. Next, watch the one where I go over the Example Problem in your PPS book on page 323.

3. Finally, do page 323-324 in your PPS book.

IF YOU DON'T HAVE YOUR BOOKS: For you I have posted the pages, so you can look at them and write your answers on a separate piece of paper!!!

You must take a picture of your work and email pics to me or post them with the assignment in Classroom. Please, let me see the answers. If all I see is paper or pages and can't see answers, I can't give you credit!! Look at your pictures before you send them!!

*Continue Working on I-Ready for the week: 45 minutes and 1 lesson passed!


Continue working on Weather Lab Station Activity. It is due by end of day on Thursday, 5/14.

Follow the directions that have been posted for saving your work daily so you don't lose it!

Monday 05-11-2020

Math Begin Probability

  1. Watch and Do Teacher-Assigned I-ready lesson: Probability Concepts. This is due by Tuesday, because we will be building on what you learn from this lesson!

*Alternative Assignment Posted in Classroom for those who have already passed Probability Concepts:

Refer to the Probability Scale in your Instruction Book: page 291.

Do Green Pages in Instruction Book: pages 294-295

2. Continue working on your path in i-ready this week for 45 minutes and at least 1 lesson passed.


Continue Working on Weather Lab Station Activity. It is due this Thursday, 5/14

Remember to click random choices on the Organize It station before clicking submit to save your work. You can edit those answers in Organize It when you get to that station.

Thursday 05-07-2020


Statistics Data Display Drag & Drop Activity:

Look at the 3 Data Displays on the Google Slide (Box Plot, Histogram, Dot Plot)

Drag the statements from around the slide and put them under the data display that it best matches.

Continue I-ready path: at least 45 minutes and 1 lesson passed for the week


Continue working on Air Masses Lab Station Activity. You can follow the schedule I recommended or work at your own pace. The whole activity is due Thursday, 5/14

1. Watch It 5/6

2. Research It 5/7 (today)

3. Explore It 5/11

4. Read It/Illustrate It 5/12

6. Write It 5/13

7. Assess It/Organize It 5/14

Wednesday 05-06-2020


Let's review finding the Mean Absolute Deviations (MAD) of a data set.On page 298 in your PPS book (family page) it gives you an example of finding the MAD. Use as a resource!

Today you will do Khan Academy Assignments. Log in to Khan Academy and

1. Watch MAD video

2. Watch MAD example

3. Do MAD practice problems. You should get 4 out of 4 correct (100%)

Your assignment includes watching the video and example. If you do that, 4 out of 4 will not take long!!Hop on Google Meets at 10 or 12 if want some help! Email me if you need your login information!


Today we will begin a new Station Activity on Air Masses and Weather.

Please remember to click "Submit" every time you are done or your answers will not be saved!

It will be due on May 14th. This is the schedule I recommend:

1. Watch It 5/6 Wednesday
2. Research It 5/7 Thursday
3. Explore It 5/11 Monday
4. Read It/Illustrate It 5/12 Tuesday
6. Write It 5/13 Wednesday
7. Assess It/Organize It 5/14 Thursday

Tuesday 05-05-2020


This week we are going to compare 2 data sets by using the Mean and the MAD (Mean Absolute Deviation) of each.

Today we will review the things we use to see the "center" of the data: mean, median, mode.

1. To review:

Mean: average; Median: middle; Mode: most

2. The video is obnoxious (in my opinion!!), but reviews how to find mean, median, mode.If you'd like that review, watch it! Or watch it and find out why I find it obnoxious! You can even jump to the part you need to review if wanted.

3. Do PPS pages 299-300 (#6 is the challenge problem, if you want to try that one!)

4. Do your work in your book, or use the pdf file I've posted to do your work on notebook paper. Email me a picture of your work. You can also post the picture in classroom and submit with the assignment. I can't give credit without a picture of your work, though!

5. Continue working on your I-Ready path for this week.


Finish the Guided Questions on Weather (Chapter 17, lesson 1)

Monday 05-04-2020


1. Take the quiz on Quizziz on Samples and Statistical Inferences(retry until you are happy with your score, I will take the best score as your grade)

2. Begin your new week in I-Ready (45 minutes and 1 lesson passed)


We are beginning a unit on Weather

  1. Read Chapter 17, Lesson 1 in text book (page 612)
  2. Complete the Guided Questions posted on Classroom (will work on these Monday and Tuesday)

Thursday 04-30-2020

Math Statistical Inferences:

  1. Finish this concept with 3 problems on the green pages in your Instruction Book (pages 270-271)

If you don't have your books, a pdf of the pages is uploaded in Classroom.

When you finish, take a picture of your work and email it to me or upload with your assignment.

2. Keep working on your I-Ready path for this week: 45 minutes and 1 lesson passed

Science Earthquake-Proofing Buildings

Follow the instructions on your Google Doc for this assignment.

  1. Click on the link to see Engineering Strategies for Earthquake-Proofing Buildings. Answer questions
  2. Click on the link and investigate the map of current earthquake readings in Alaska
  3. Watch the video of how a building actually moved in a 2016 earthquake and think about ways you would engineer the inside of the building for safety.

Wednesday 04-29-2020


Today we are going to compare samples of different sizes!

1. Watch the video on Instruction Book, pages 268-269

(Use these pages in your own instruction book when you do your homework!! It will help you make your dot plots and/or box plots!)

2. Watch the video on PPS book, pages 293-294

3. Do PPS book, pages 293-294Email me a picture of your PPS pages! ***Resource Tip: When doing your plots, look at the Instruction Book*** That will save you needing to re-do, if plots aren't correct!!


After finishing the Earthquake Web quest from Monday and Tuesday, take the Quizziz Quiz on Earthquakes found on Google Classroom.

Tuesday 04-28-2020

Math-Making Statistical Inferences

Watch the video which goes over Instruction Book pages 254-255

Watch the video which goes over Instruction Book pages 256-257

Watch the video which goes over the Example on Practice and Problem Solving Book, pages 291-292.

Do PPS pages 291-292 (Challenge problem is #6)

* I posted a video on Box Plots that you can watch if you need a refresher on how to make one.

Email me with any questions or hop on our Google Meets at 10 a.m. or noon!


Finish the Earthquake Webquest which you started on Monday!

Make your answers detailed and complete.

Monday 04-27-2020


  1. Take the quiz on Google Classroom covering Populations/Samples and Biased/Random Samples. Be sure to explain your answers!
  2. Start a new week of I-ready. Do your path for at least 45 minutes and 1 lesson passed. If you are having any trouble on your lesson, email me or hop on Google Meet time!


This week we will take a look at earthquakes.

We will start with a webquest which is posted on Google Classroom and work on this Monday AND Tuesday.

Monday- try to get through 1c

Tuesday- finish what you have left.

Make sure your answers are as complete as possible!

Thursday 04-23-2020

Math: We will identify how to get Random Samples instead of Biased Samples.

Watch the video posted on Google Classroom. (It's looking at page 259 in your Instruction Book)

On the Google Doc, determine whether each situation is describing a Random Sample or a Biased Sample and Explain Why.

I-Ready: at least 45 minutes and 1 lesson passed this week.

Science: Volcanoes! Watch the video: Top 10 Most Insane Facts about Volcanoes posted on Google Classroom.

On the Google Doc, list the 10 facts from the video and then explain which one of those is the most interesting to you and use details to explain why.

Wednesday 04-22-2020

Math: We want to be able to identify the difference between populations and samples as well as biased and unbiased samples.

Watch the short video on populations/samples then do the 3 practice problems on the Google Slide.

Watch the short video on biased/unbiased samples and do the 2 practice problems on the Google Slide.

In the next days, we will dig deeper into biased and unbiased samples.

Science: Today, you will use all your knowledge about Plate Tectonics to do an Escape Room!

The questions for each level are on the pdf document on Google classroom.

Use the Google Form to find the code which matches your answers. Typing this code in to the Google form will move you to the next level. When you have successfully escaped all 5 levels, you will receive your final code to escape!

You must email me the final code or you will never escape! (I can not see your Google Form, that is only for you to keep track of your answers!)

This is the same design as the Escape Room we did in class earlier in the year.

Tuesday 04-21-2020

Math-Statistics and Probability

Watch video about Statistical/Non-Statistical Questions posted on Classroom.

Then do PPS pages 281-282. Take a picture of completed pages and email to me.

Continue working on your I-Ready path.


Finish the Plate Tectonics Station Activity. "Assess It" is the last station.

Check your answer form to make sure all the stations are completed, then Submit.

Monday 04-20-2020

Math: Work on your I-Ready path today. This week, do at least 45 minutes with at least 1 lesson passed.

Science: Continue Plate Tectonics Station Activity. Today, do the "Write It" station.

Tomorrow, will be our last station, "Assess It," so make sure you've caught up with all the other stations.

Remember to click "Submit" to save your work each day.

Friday 04-17-2020

Math : Do pps pages 257-258. Do these right in your PPS book, then take a picture with stream/phone or scan and email it to me. There's nothing to submit in Google Classroom. This is an email to me! You should have the 2 ixl assignments from this week done first so you know how to do surface area!

Science : Continue Tectonic Plate Stations Activity. Today we will do "Illustrate It" Follow the directions. Do your illustration on a separate page and then take a picture and upload it into the document.

Remember to click Submit to save your answers in the answer document each day.

We now have Watch it, Research it, Read it, and Illustrate it stations done!!!

Thursday 04-16-2020


Finish I-ready teacher assigned lesson on Surface Area from Tuesday

Finish IXL lesson on Surface Area of Cubes from Wednesday (you need to be logged in and get a score of 80)

Today, IXL lesson on Surface Area of Pyramids (score of 80)

If that is all done, you can work on your I-ready path!

Email me if you get a couple wrong and I can help you!!


Continue Tectonic Plate Station Activity-Remember to hit "Submit" to save your answers each day

Today we are doing the "Read It" station

(You should have the "Watch It" and "Research It" stations done)

 Wednesday 04-15-2020

Math-Surface Area of Cubes and Rectangular Prisms

FIRST watch the 4 minute video on Surface Area of Cubes and Rectangular Prisms.

Login to ixl.com using the user name and password I emailed to you last week.Do the assignment posted in classroom. You can pull down an example to help you. If you need some review there are some other skills at the bottom you could work on.

Science-Plate Tectonics Station Activities

Today, do the "Research It" station ("Watch It" was done yesterday)

Type your answers on the Google Form Answer Document in Classroom.

**Be sure to click 'Submit' at the bottom of the document to save your answers (otherwise you will lose them)**

Tuesday 04-14-2020

Math: We are starting surface area of 3-dimensional figures.

Today, complete the i-ready teacher-assigned lesson "Surface Area of Composed Figures"

Science: We are starting Plate Tectonics Station Activity. You have an answer document and then the stations (Watch It, Read It, etc)

Record you answers on your answer document (on Google Classroom, always hit submit at the bottom to save your work every day)

Today we will do the Watch It station.

Thursday 04-09-2020


Watch Video "Traveling Teacher and Tectonic Plates"

Answer questions on Google Doc as watch video

Be sure Day 1 AND Day 2 of Guided Questions on textbook are finished


Watch video of me solving a triangular prism volume problem

Do Triangular Prism Volume worksheet on Google Slides

Make sure this weeks Prism/Pyramid work is finished and submitted

Wednesday 04-08-2020


Nothing new today. Finish previous work.

Getting ready to do a week long station activity on Plate Tectonics, so be sure you've got your work done.


Short quiz--Circle all the prisms

Volume Practice: watch Math Antics video, and 2 short videos of me solving a sample problem

Do Volume Practice slide.

 Tuesday 04-07-2020


Identifying and Naming Prisms/Pyramids

Watch the first 4 minutes of the video I posted on Classroom.

Then name the figures posted on the Google Slide


Plate Tectonics-Day 2

Continue Reading Chapter 14-Lesson 1 (Plate Tectonics) in your book

Answer the Guiding Questions posted on Classroom.

Monday 04-06-2020

Google Meet at 10 and 12. Link is in Classroom. Email me any questions!


I-Ready teacher assigned lesson: Volume of Composed Figures


Read Chapter 14, Lesson 1 (Plate Tectonics)

Do Guided Notes, Day 1 (Posted in Google Classroom)

Monday 3-16-2020

7th Grade Math: (on google classroom, also)

Sign in to Khan Academy Do 2 assignments posted.

Do 8.1 Practice A Worksheet (handed out in packet/posted on google classroom)

Do odds (1-15), show work.

I-ready due this week: 45 minutes and 1 lesson passed

7th Grade Science: (on google classroom, also)

Read Carbon Cycle: pages 472-474 in textbook

Do “Key Concept Builder” worksheet, p. 17 (handed out packet or posted on google classroom)

Tuesday 3-17-2020

7th Grade Math: (on google classroom, also)

Continue to work on your path in I-ready.

Do Review Sheet “Lesson 2 Homework Practice: Complex Fractions and Unit Rates”

**Remember every fraction is a division problem

This is in your packet which was handed out and I put a copy for you to see on google classroom.

Show work on your paper copy of the worksheet or notebook paper and you can turn in when we return!

7th Grade Science: (on google classroom, also)

This will be what you can do for the rest of the week, so break it up.
Read pages 481-488 (Geosphere). Answer the questions in the "Lesson Outline"
I have created a google doc that you can use, or it is the same as page 28-29 in the packet you got. 

Wednesday 3-18-2020

7th Grade Math: (on google classroom, also)

For the rest of this week: Continue to work on your path in I-ready.

These are the review sheets for the rest of this week:

*Multiplication and Division with Rational Numbers (fluency page)

*Solving Multi-step Problems (review percents)

Solving Integer Problems Formative (review integers)

These all are in your packet and I put a copy for you to see on google classroom.

Show work on your paper copy of the worksheet or notebook paper and you can turn in when we return!

7th Grade Science: (on google classroom, also)

For the rest of the week, continue reading about the Geosphere and do Lesson Outline

Read pages 481-488 (Geosphere). Answer the questions in the "Lesson Outline"
I have created a google doc that you can use, or it is the same as page 28-29 in the packet you got. 

There are two assignments posted in Tuvalabs (https://tuvalabs.com/) which we did not do in class:

  1. Titanic Activity (like our Roller Coaster activity)
  2. Who Tends to Run Faster? (a data story which starts with a video)

Choose one of these to do to keep practicing with reading data!

Monday 3-30-2020

7th Grade Science/Math: Every day you can join a Google Meet to say Hi or ask questions!

We will meet at two times, choose one or both! 9:30-10:15 or 12-12:45 (links are on Google Classroom)

Science(posted on Google Classroom)

*Review Work (found on Google Classrom)


*In a google doc, write about 1 of the following. Your response should be a paragraph in length and be in your own words.

Your first sentence should state which one of the following you're writing about. This will be like the project you did, tying in all the spheres of the Earth to your event. In this assignment, you will tie them into specific parts of the geosphere.

1. Describe how the formation of sedimentary rocks involves the interactions of the geosphere, the atmosphere, the biosphere and the hydrosphere. Be sure to explain the part each of them plays in sedimentary rocks forming.

2. Describe how the formation of soil (at the Earth's surface) involves the interactions of the geosphere, the atmosphere, the biosphere and the hydrosphere. Be sure to explain the part each of them plays in soil forming.

3. Describe how the geosphere, the atmosphere, the biosphere and the hydrosphere all interact inside soil. Be sure to explain a part each of them plays inside the soil.

Math (found on Google Classroom)

*Watch short video on finding Area of Circles

*Do Practice Work found on Google Classroom.

Tuesday 3-31-2020


Correct or finish area of circle problems from Monday. PLEASE watch the video first or you will be guessing!!

This week: 45 minutes and 1 lesson passed of I-ready.

Work on Teacher Assigned I-ready. That is due Sunday night: Area and Circumference of Circles. I will take the quiz grade as the homework grade. Please listen to the lesson!!

If you did Area and Circumference of Circles and got 100% on the quiz, you do not have that assignment. Just work on your i-ready path for the week.


Go back and fix anything from Monday you need to correct OR finish anything you didn't get turned in yet!

Wednesday 4-01-2020


1.Watch my video on common Illinois minerals and rocks that I’ve found.

Assignment: Over the next week or two, go on a rock hunt outside. Find the most interesting rock you can and take a picture and share with me so I can post it. Tell me where you found it.

2.Complete the Illinois State Mineral Hunt! Google Doc found on Google Classroom.


*Must first watch video and do Area of Circles Day 1 problems posted on Monday.

Then do Area of Circles-Day 2 on Google Classroom. Type how you set up your problem

Thursday 4-02-2020


Today, make sure you have Monday and Wednesday's work turned in.

I have returned some assignments with comments on them for you to fix, so check. If you have an incomplete in PowerSchool, then the assignment hasn't been graded.

If you have everything done (no incompletes in PowerSchool), today's mission is:

Go outside and look for as many earth sphere interactions as you can and take pictures, if you can, of some as evidence.

Type your info and post your pics in the Google Doc on Classroom.

For example: My daffodils are coming up in my backyard: daffodils (biosphere), soil (geosphere), they’re getting air (atmosphere), and soil is wet (hydrosphere)


Today, make sure you have done Area of Circles-Day 1 and Day 2 and have received it back graded. If not, you received it back with comments to fix.

If you have incomplete in PowerSchool for anything that means it isn't graded yet.

If you have everything turned in, then today work on I-ready. Teacher Assigned lesson first, then your path.

Reminder: Google Hangouts 7th grade Math/Science every day at 10-10:30 and 12-12:30 if you want to hop on and get some help or say Hi. 

Friday 4-03-2020

Check PowerSchool. Grades are up to date. If you don't have a grade for an assignment listed, that's what we're working on today.


Finish both Area of Circles Day1 and Day2. Hop on Google Meets for help.

Those who have finished both have a Khan Academy Assignment posted for them in Google Classroom.


Finish all assignments on the Geosphere from this week.

Get outside and enjoy and be aware of the Spheres of the Earth!

Update: Daily new assignments will be posted on the top of page.